Female Sex Organs

shimana-bg20130326231123Female Sex Organs are important to know about so that you can identify what we are talking about when we talk about all the changes that are taking place in your body right now. People mostly just talk about the vagina, but there many more parts down that that interact with each other to make it all work. Since these parts contributing to your ability to get pregnant, and also they identify you as a female, we call them sex organs.

The Vulva

If you were to put a mirror between your legs so you could see everything down there, the Vulva is the term for all the parts you can see on the outside. It has inner and outer lips that cover your clitoris, vaginal opening, and urethra opening. These terms may sound a little foreign to you so lets break it down a little more.

Inner and Outer Lips

The top part, before you really hit the lips, is a fatty tissue area called the Mons. You can see the Mons by just looking down, you don’t even have to spread your legs or use a mirror. The Mons is where you will grow the majority of your pubic hair.

If you were to take your index finger and follow is further down from the Mons, then as soon as you couldn’t see your finger anymore you will have hit the lips. Then, If you were to pull the soft layers of skin apart, you would notice two separate layers or folds. These skin folds are also called the Labia (which means lips in Latin). There are inner and outer Labia. The outer one are closer to the outside (just like the name suggests), and the inner Labia are lie between them or closer to the inside. These lips serve as a protection to the rest of your parts.


Okay so bring your finger back up a little bit to the the spot right under your Mons and right at the top of the Labia (see how you are starting to understand these terms, way to go). If you search a little under the skin you will discover a small mound (about the size of a pea, or if you don’t eat peas and chocolate chip maybe)… did you find it? This is your Clitoris. If you’ve ever kissed a boy you know that it feels good. That is because you have sensitive nerve endings in your lips. Well, your Clitoris is like a ball of nerves and so someday when you are married and have sex, it will create that same good feeling but more intense.

Urethra Opening

This is one you are already familiar with because you use it everyday. The Urethra opening is just a fancy term for the hole that your pee comes out. The actual Urethra is the canal that connects to your bladder where your pee is stored. In relation to the other parts we’ve already learned, this opening is right under your clitoris, hiding inside the lips.

Vagina Opening

Like I said at the beginning, the vagina is inside your body, so all you can see from the outside is the opening to it. Keep bringing your finger down from your Urethra opening and the next opening you reach is your Vaginal opening. The Vagina is the canal that connects to all your inner sex organs. Go to my page on Vagina to learn more. Source: Female Puberty

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